Google reorganization? What does it mean to your business?

Due to the reorganization at Google last week, after Larry Page took the helm, there have been TONS of changes at Google Places. Many of these changes will hopefully improve things for those of you who are involved with Google Places in any way. (As a user or as a marketer.)

ESPECIALLY if you are one that has suffered from Google bugs, problems, lack of support and other Google Places frustrations, you need to read all.

I’m going to try to save my carpal & not write a book because everything is spelled out well in the posts that follow. So will share some brief commentary, then links to the best posts on the topic.

In summary, for those that have not read, there was a huge re-org at Google last week. Jeff Huber is the new SVP of Local and Commerce. (Not sure where Marissa stands in all of this)

In the post below over at the Blumenthal blog, many leading industry pros aired lots of concerns about all the current Google Places problems. We also offered G lots of suggestions for Google Places. On Friday I posted a comment over at the new Google Places blog inviting Jeff Huber, the new SVP to read the Blumenthal blog post below. Saturday AM, Jeff replied that he’s reading and is behind improving Places.

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